Congrats to Jillian!

One of my favorite bloggers, Jillian Owens, The Refashionista, has been written up in her local news magazine, Columbia Metro. Her daily blog gives wonderful details on taking a not so spectacular item of clothing and making it her own. I wish I had half of her ambition!

Hats off to Jillian!



Shameless Plug Friday (a day late)

I’ve been so busy lately…well, busy AND a bit lazy. Not totally lazy, though. I had the farrier in to give the girls their pedicures. Their hooves look lovely now.  I also started refashioning some men’s shirts and I’m very caught up in that.

But I forgot to post Shameless Plug Friday! 

I did go “shopping” and found a lady having a yard sale selling a ton of amazing vintage clothing. She’s going to call me when she gets more out.

I bought a sweet 80’s lace dress and a 30’s wedding gown complete with cap. The wedding dress needs a little restoration work, but nothing that can’t be handled. I’ve already very carefully soaked it and turned it from dark beige to a sweet ivory shade. There are a couple minor tears in the lace and some small pearl beads to replace. Otherwise, it’s in excellent condition. I’ll take photos after it dries. Now my nephew just became engaged and I’m wondering if his lovely fiance would like to wear this. 

I also got from the same lady two wooden hat forms for only $5 each!!!! I guess she’s never looked on Ebay. But I wasn’t telling her. One is just my size and I plan to get back into hat making now.

I need to get more stuff inventoried, organized and photographed, but here are a couple of items already up for sale.

Rockin’ the 60’s ala Alfred Angelo. Size 6.

Vintage Lace Blouse by Becky Bisoulis. Size 14.

Vintage Beaded Applique.

Sears Skirted Swimsuit. Size 18/40.

And not currently listed at the Etsy store, but definitely for sale. Let me know if you’re interested.

Vintage Jacket by benard holtzman. Size 10.

Vintage 60’s Peignoir Set by Lorainne. Size L

Wedding hat/Cowboy style

Mob Cap

Now…. back to procrastinating…or horseback riding…or getting ready for Memorial Day.

Thanks to all our vets and troops!  

A Corset For Us Country Gals

When my husband, Phil, caught a pair of perfectly good jeans on the fence while doing a repair ripping them right alongside the zipper, I decided to make good use of them.

I went to one of my favorite free pattern sites (free is good, right?) M-Sewing and downloaded this pattern. Again, no before picture since I made this a while back, long before the dreaded computer crash. But then we all know what our husband’s bluejeans look like, right?

As for the refashioning process, I simply used the jeans as though they were fabric, placing the pattern pieces strategically along the pants.

I love this top. It’s fitted and fun and corset-y without being frilly and formal. I can wear it around the farm or even horseback riding comfortably.

It was pretty easy to fit this pattern onto useable parts of the jeans since there was only the one tear and the pattern is made up of several panels. The zipper and pockets were added to my stash “just in case” I might need them “someday”. I also had some mattress ticking lying around and used that to make bias binding and the front plackets for the project.

I’m pretty happy with how this turned out, but I do have some ideas on how to “tweak” it. I’m going to adjust the front to under lap a bit rather than just meeting in the middle. The loops for the laces came from a drawstring I removed from a skirt I’m going to refashion “someday”. Some leather lacing to pull it together and it’s done. Of course, I misplaced that leather lace when I put the summer clothes away last fall, so for this picture I stole a shoelace.

What I love about that free pattern website is the patterns are easy to download and the instructions are very easy to follow. A pattern’s difficulty is also posted right at the top of the description page. I have several favorites I plan to make “someday”…

First I have to figure out just when the heck is “someday” anyway?


I’m completely overwhelmed with UFO’s*!  I have so many projects in the works and I never seem to finish them.  I’ve got dresses half made and aprons from men’s shirts I want to finish and sell.  I have foldable to purse size grocery bags in the works. My head is spinning! If I could finish these and list them in my Etsy store I could be a very wealthy woman!

I’ve decided to attack them one at a time and I’m posting them as I tackle them right here on this blog, hoping for encouragement from all of you to get my butt to work. Right now I’m hoping to start AND FINISH a dress I’m making from the Craftsy course Sew Retro Perfect Bombshell Dress.


Gertie from Gertie’s New Blog For Better Sewing is the instructor for the class and I have to say she’s really, really good. I’m finding her instructions extremely easy to follow.

Anyway….. I purchased a fabric for the project as well as boning and other supplies.  Then I found this prize at Walmart for $1 a yard. Okay, cheap, but I just love it!


I mean, check out that hibiscus print!!!!  It’s perfect for a summer dress. Lord knows I live in jeans & t-shirts around the farm. It’s nice to sweeten up now and then.

So the goal here is to finish this summer dress before summer is over. (Yes, I know summer hasn’t even arrived yet, but I need some serious motivation here!)

*UnFinished Objects

Easy Peasy

This past week, my favorite thrift store, 4 N.I.N.E., has been holding a buy one get one sale on all clothing. They are overstuffed with clothing there.  That’s where I got the $1 a bag treasure.

I bought a few items for myself and for refashioning. Here’s a “tunic” I got for refashioning.  I love the embroidery.


My first thought was to lace paint the embroidery and insertion lace.  After making an inquiry on Refashion Co-op, I decided to dye the entire top first. So I got out my bottle of Teal Rit Dye (I prefer liquid dye since you can limit the amount you use).

The tunic took the dye incredibly well, but the embroidery didn’t.  I guess I won’t be using dye to paint the embroidery, but maybe fabric paint. I’m still mulling that over.

Another suggestion from Refashion Co-op was to remove the “skirt thingy” from the bottom. I liked that idea too. I used one of my handy seam rippers (I have several; they disappear), and first removed the elastic at the waistband, then the entire “skirt thingy” and lining.

I was left with these pieces. I’ll save these for another project “someday”.


The end product? Viola!

Okay, it’s not the end. I still have to hem it (need hem tape, it’s a bit short) and I’m still contemplating fabric paint on the embroidery to jazz it up a bit. But by golly, I’m happy with it so far.




Around the Farm




I haven’t really shared any farm photos.  I did have a total computer crash just over a week ago & lost most of my pictures, but I’ve been gathering copies from around the internet & I’ll take more later.


My favorite girl, Mermaid. Actually it’s Antiquity CBHM Mermaid and no, I didn’t name her.


Onyxs Painted Ebonie…Ebbie for short.


Stella by Starlight


Kids playing with a very dead tree


Winston (black & white Boxer/Bull Mastiff mix) & Diesel (brown Pitbull) resting on the couch.


The cats, Thunder (grey), Rosie (white with orange) & Smudge (black & white with only 3 legs – lost one in a terrible milking machine accident)


This sign makes an appearance from time to time. Gets a lot of comments.


And here’s me at an auction trying to talk my husband into buying me this buckboard. He didn’t. I am wearing a corset top made by refashioning a pair of bluejeans my husband tore right along the zipper while fixing a fence.


Shameless Plug Friday

What a great concept.  Pick one day a week to “promote” my Etsy store.  I have tons & tons of vintage clothing & accessories to get listed for sale.  I am making a committment to get off my behind & get those photos taken!!!  Nice weather this week. No excuse not to. I have two dressforms (average and plus size) and a wonderful mannequin I got for a song from Craigslist for putting those clothes on for photos.

Then there are all those 18 gallon tubs (about 80 of them) taking up a lot of space in my hay barn. I do have a small building (okay, a small building KIT) to put up. 10X14. It’s metal, but I’m going to use it to make a store right here on the farm (as well as my online shop) to sell my vintage stuff, refashions and of course my goat milk soaps. A skylight or two should help lighten it up.  I’ll be blogging about that project as we work on it.

So here’s my “Shameless Plug”.

20's Fringed Hat

Sequined & Fringed 20’s Handmade Hat.

What could be nicer for that elegant date night than a gawdy, sequined hat with lots of coined fringe?

Jointed Owl Pendant

For all you owl collectors out there, this is a must have.

Fruit Basket Bag

What would be better on a picnic than a fruit basket?


Frederick’s of Hollywood Leopard Print Heels

On a more serious note, who can resist these shoes! I only wish they fit me. 

Size 7M.

Tomorrow I have a couple of items I want to get refashion ideas for.  I’ll post those here and at Refashion Co-op

I walked into one of my favorite local thrift stores a couple of weeks ago and the owner handed me a stack of “vintage” clothing. FREE. I love those people. Anyway there were a couple of handmade “tents” or housedresses I guess you’d call them. Same pattern, different fabric. Ugly as all get out. But FREE. So I want to make them over into something.  The fabric is at least worth using. There was a vintage swimsuit in that bag too. Just needs some work on the elastic. I also bought a beige tunic at another favorite shop that is boring but has potential; maybe just some lace painting

Finally, I’m so jealous of anyone who lives near a Goodwill Outlet store and can buy clothes at $1 a pound.  So I went to the local shop and asked if they could do something similar for me.  Soooooooooo…….they sold me bags of unsellable donated clothing at $1 a bag (a bag weighs an average of 10 pounds). I can’t root through the bags, but they are clear so I can see, sort of, what’s in them. I bought five bags and had a ball sorting.  I tossed a couple of men’s sad polyester pants, but found men’s shirts, men’s ties, crocheted jackets with small tears and a lot of other stuff, like torn jackets with useable leather for crafting.  Those shirts are perfectly fine, not a flaw, stain or tear on them. I guess they had too many shirts. 

Yes, I’m a serious addict.  I don’t know what your experiences are, but in my world I get much better deals from the locally owned, “Mom & Pop” thrift stores than I do from the chains like Goodwill and Salvation Army, even on SA’s half price Wednesday. And who doesn’t want to support local businesses?! Make everyday Small Business Saturday!

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