Around the Farm




I haven’t really shared any farm photos.  I did have a total computer crash just over a week ago & lost most of my pictures, but I’ve been gathering copies from around the internet & I’ll take more later.


My favorite girl, Mermaid. Actually it’s Antiquity CBHM Mermaid and no, I didn’t name her.


Onyxs Painted Ebonie…Ebbie for short.


Stella by Starlight


Kids playing with a very dead tree


Winston (black & white Boxer/Bull Mastiff mix) & Diesel (brown Pitbull) resting on the couch.


The cats, Thunder (grey), Rosie (white with orange) & Smudge (black & white with only 3 legs – lost one in a terrible milking machine accident)


This sign makes an appearance from time to time. Gets a lot of comments.


And here’s me at an auction trying to talk my husband into buying me this buckboard. He didn’t. I am wearing a corset top made by refashioning a pair of bluejeans my husband tore right along the zipper while fixing a fence.



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