A Corset For Us Country Gals

When my husband, Phil, caught a pair of perfectly good jeans on the fence while doing a repair ripping them right alongside the zipper, I decided to make good use of them.

I went to one of my favorite free pattern sites (free is good, right?) M-Sewing and downloaded this pattern. Again, no before picture since I made this a while back, long before the dreaded computer crash. But then we all know what our husband’s bluejeans look like, right?

As for the refashioning process, I simply used the jeans as though they were fabric, placing the pattern pieces strategically along the pants.

I love this top. It’s fitted and fun and corset-y without being frilly and formal. I can wear it around the farm or even horseback riding comfortably.

It was pretty easy to fit this pattern onto useable parts of the jeans since there was only the one tear and the pattern is made up of several panels. The zipper and pockets were added to my stash “just in case” I might need them “someday”. I also had some mattress ticking lying around and used that to make bias binding and the front plackets for the project.

I’m pretty happy with how this turned out, but I do have some ideas on how to “tweak” it. I’m going to adjust the front to under lap a bit rather than just meeting in the middle. The loops for the laces came from a drawstring I removed from a skirt I’m going to refashion “someday”. Some leather lacing to pull it together and it’s done. Of course, I misplaced that leather lace when I put the summer clothes away last fall, so for this picture I stole a shoelace.

What I love about that free pattern website is the patterns are easy to download and the instructions are very easy to follow. A pattern’s difficulty is also posted right at the top of the description page. I have several favorites I plan to make “someday”…

First I have to figure out just when the heck is “someday” anyway?


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tigergirl
    May 21, 2012 @ 17:01:07

    Great job! Have you made up other M-sewing patterns? How did they turn out?


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