Shameless Plug Friday (a day late)

I’ve been so busy lately…well, busy AND a bit lazy. Not totally lazy, though. I had the farrier in to give the girls their pedicures. Their hooves look lovely now.  I also started refashioning some men’s shirts and I’m very caught up in that.

But I forgot to post Shameless Plug Friday! 

I did go “shopping” and found a lady having a yard sale selling a ton of amazing vintage clothing. She’s going to call me when she gets more out.

I bought a sweet 80’s lace dress and a 30’s wedding gown complete with cap. The wedding dress needs a little restoration work, but nothing that can’t be handled. I’ve already very carefully soaked it and turned it from dark beige to a sweet ivory shade. There are a couple minor tears in the lace and some small pearl beads to replace. Otherwise, it’s in excellent condition. I’ll take photos after it dries. Now my nephew just became engaged and I’m wondering if his lovely fiance would like to wear this. 

I also got from the same lady two wooden hat forms for only $5 each!!!! I guess she’s never looked on Ebay. But I wasn’t telling her. One is just my size and I plan to get back into hat making now.

I need to get more stuff inventoried, organized and photographed, but here are a couple of items already up for sale.

Rockin’ the 60’s ala Alfred Angelo. Size 6.

Vintage Lace Blouse by Becky Bisoulis. Size 14.

Vintage Beaded Applique.

Sears Skirted Swimsuit. Size 18/40.

And not currently listed at the Etsy store, but definitely for sale. Let me know if you’re interested.

Vintage Jacket by benard holtzman. Size 10.

Vintage 60’s Peignoir Set by Lorainne. Size L

Wedding hat/Cowboy style

Mob Cap

Now…. back to procrastinating…or horseback riding…or getting ready for Memorial Day.

Thanks to all our vets and troops!  


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