And the winner is . . .

pillowsalamode is the winner of the apron.  Congratulations.


So Mad Men

I have lots and lots of 60’s fashions and accessories to get measured and photographed so I can list them for sale.  Meanwhile, here are a few of them.

This chic green number is in pretty good condition. It has a bit of bunching at the bottom. Maybe I’ll work on that before I list it. But can you see this on Mad Men? I can.

The always popular shift dress.

Leopard heels by Fredericks of Hollywood.

More elegance.


Cold outside?

What better way to end an evening than in a vintage peignoir.

And don’t forget to post on my Vintage Apron Giveaway. Drawing a winner randomly on June 14.


Vintage Apron Giveaway

I’m absolutely determined to keep this blog up to date. I have a terrible tendency to procrastinate. Shame on me!  I’ve already given up on Shameless Plug Friday.  I’ll just do random plugs instead. I have decided to go through my bazillion boxes of vintage clothes and get a few things listed in the next couple of days.  I have no excuse not to. 

Also, I thought if I added a giveaway, I’d get more followers which would really incentivize me step up to the plate.

So… I came across this sweet polka dot vintage apron this past week at one of my favorite local shops, Wheezie’s Kove.   

After a good cleaning to remove a couple of stains, it looks as good as new.  The apron buttons at the back of the neck rather than slipping over your head.











So….       Follow my blog and make a comment on this post. Tell me about your favorite creation or vintage find.  I’ll pick a winner on Flag Day, June 14.

Shameless Plug Friday

What a great concept.  Pick one day a week to “promote” my Etsy store.  I have tons & tons of vintage clothing & accessories to get listed for sale.  I am making a committment to get off my behind & get those photos taken!!!  Nice weather this week. No excuse not to. I have two dressforms (average and plus size) and a wonderful mannequin I got for a song from Craigslist for putting those clothes on for photos.

Then there are all those 18 gallon tubs (about 80 of them) taking up a lot of space in my hay barn. I do have a small building (okay, a small building KIT) to put up. 10X14. It’s metal, but I’m going to use it to make a store right here on the farm (as well as my online shop) to sell my vintage stuff, refashions and of course my goat milk soaps. A skylight or two should help lighten it up.  I’ll be blogging about that project as we work on it.

So here’s my “Shameless Plug”.

20's Fringed Hat

Sequined & Fringed 20’s Handmade Hat.

What could be nicer for that elegant date night than a gawdy, sequined hat with lots of coined fringe?

Jointed Owl Pendant

For all you owl collectors out there, this is a must have.

Fruit Basket Bag

What would be better on a picnic than a fruit basket?


Frederick’s of Hollywood Leopard Print Heels

On a more serious note, who can resist these shoes! I only wish they fit me. 

Size 7M.

Tomorrow I have a couple of items I want to get refashion ideas for.  I’ll post those here and at Refashion Co-op

I walked into one of my favorite local thrift stores a couple of weeks ago and the owner handed me a stack of “vintage” clothing. FREE. I love those people. Anyway there were a couple of handmade “tents” or housedresses I guess you’d call them. Same pattern, different fabric. Ugly as all get out. But FREE. So I want to make them over into something.  The fabric is at least worth using. There was a vintage swimsuit in that bag too. Just needs some work on the elastic. I also bought a beige tunic at another favorite shop that is boring but has potential; maybe just some lace painting

Finally, I’m so jealous of anyone who lives near a Goodwill Outlet store and can buy clothes at $1 a pound.  So I went to the local shop and asked if they could do something similar for me.  Soooooooooo…….they sold me bags of unsellable donated clothing at $1 a bag (a bag weighs an average of 10 pounds). I can’t root through the bags, but they are clear so I can see, sort of, what’s in them. I bought five bags and had a ball sorting.  I tossed a couple of men’s sad polyester pants, but found men’s shirts, men’s ties, crocheted jackets with small tears and a lot of other stuff, like torn jackets with useable leather for crafting.  Those shirts are perfectly fine, not a flaw, stain or tear on them. I guess they had too many shirts. 

Yes, I’m a serious addict.  I don’t know what your experiences are, but in my world I get much better deals from the locally owned, “Mom & Pop” thrift stores than I do from the chains like Goodwill and Salvation Army, even on SA’s half price Wednesday. And who doesn’t want to support local businesses?! Make everyday Small Business Saturday!

I Guess It’s About Time

So…. I’ve started a blog.  A blog about vintage fashions, sewing, refashioning & farm life. What a mix, eh?

Yesterday I made my first post on Refashion Co-op. I showed a pair of jeans I turned into capris adding pieces from an old, worn, much loved shirt.


My plans are to post more sewing & refashioned clothing projects, fun stuff about my farm & even soap making projects & tips. If I get real brave, I’ll post some of my adventures in cheesemaking. Homemade goat milk cheeses are awesome!

As a beginning, here is a picture of a 1920’s dress I found at one of my favorite thrift shops. What a deal! I have it listed now in my Etsy shop.

20's dress